You Need Septic Tank Pumping In Marion, IA At Least Once Every Three Years

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Construction & Maintanance

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You may take your septic system for granted as long as it’s working. However, a septic system needs maintenance just like anything you own. Septic Tank Pumping Marion IA, can help keep your system working properly by cleaning your tanks on a regular basis. When you don’t maintain your septic tank or septic system, waste in the tank can push into your leach bed and destroy your system. If you have an aerator system after your septic tank, the waste overflow can ruin aerators as well.

In addition to having Septic Tank Pumping Marion IA, performed regularly, there are some other helpful things you should keep in mind to keep your septic system running problem-free. For example, flushing such things as sanitary hygiene products, plastics, and grease into your system can clog not only the pipes in your house, but also the pipes connecting your septic system. It will also make your septic tank fill up faster. Cigarettes or cigarette butts are also very harmful for your septic system and the drainage fields. Visit the site for more info.

One way to see if your septic system is working properly is looking near the overflow area. If there are puddles of water, or you smell actual sewage, you have a problem that needs to be fixed. Do not lift the lid or lids off of your septic tanks to look inside. First, the smell could actually make you faint or get nauseous, and if you break the cap you will have to buy another one. Let a professional and licensed company come in to lift the lid and check the tank or pump it.

If you’ve never had a septic tank pumped before, the only real way to know it’s been completely pumped is to physically be there when the company comes to pump it. After the waste is removed, they can actually show you the inside of your tank, or may take a stick that reaches to the bottom to show there are no more solids in the tank. Don’t wait until your overflow has been ruined from a full tank. Check out  for additional information on septic care.

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