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Get the Legal Help You Need From a Child Custody Attorney in Bainbridge Island, WA

Fighting for custody of a child is one of the most difficult types of court cases you will likely go through. This is because emotions are often running high in these types of cases. Whether you are fighting for custody of your own child, grandchild, or an adopted child, it is important you are aware of your legal rights. Many people end up letting their emotions get in the way, and they are unable to properly proceed with their case. This is why it is important you consider hiring a child custody Attorney in Bainbridge Island WA. A Child Custody Attorney will assist you in making the right decisions in your case so you can have the best outcome possible.

The goal of the judge will be to find the best person to take over guardianship of the child. Your attorney will need to prove to the judge you are the best person to raise the child and take control over their well-being. It is important you follow your attorney’s advice and guidance so he or she can properly represent you throughout the custody case.

There are several factors that will influence a judge’s decision on child custody:

  • The age and health of your child
  • Who has been acting as the custodial parent
  • Substance abuse
  • History of violence or physical abuse
  • Employment of those seeking custody
  • Amount of time spent with children
  • Ability of either party to care for the child
  • If old enough, the wishes of the child

If you are seeking full custody of your child, or have been served with custody papers, it is important you hire a Child Custody Attorney in Bainbridge Island WA, as soon as possible. An attorney may not be able to offer you a guarantee on the outcome of your case, but they can certainly make a big difference.