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Long-Lasting Termite Control in Roswell, GA

Breda Pest Management has been in the business of Termite Control in Roswell, GA for the past forty years. If you want to be sure whether or not you have termites in your home, Breda Pest Management can do an inspection for you. They don’t just do a visual inspection; they use infrared cameras that can tell where termites are from the thermal energy they give off, which is called a heat pattern. Check the Breda Pest Management website for specials and coupons on pest control service.

Two kinds of termites that damage wood frame homes are subterranean termites and dry wood termites. Dry wood termites can look like ants, and you may need a pest control professional to inspect them to find out for sure. Subterranean termites can get into homes through small cracks in the foundation or gaps around pipes that enter the house if they haven’t been caulked. Dry wood termites enter homes from the upper floors, and they will even climb up to the attic to get in.

Homeowners can take several steps to keep termites from getting in. Nothing outside that is made of wood should be in direct contact with the soil to prevent feeding subterranean termites, such as firewood and mulch. These should also be moved back so they’re not close to the house. All greenery around the home’s foundation should be trimmed so it doesn’t touch the house. Use caulk or foam sealants to seal any gaps in the foundation and plumbing entry points. Fix leaking roofs and leaking faucets. Make sure the soil in crawl spaces is covered with plastic.

When Breda Pest Management does Termite Control in Roswell GA, they use a product called Termidor insecticide. The termites can’t tell the product is there, so they end up eating it and sharing it with other termites. The US Department of Agriculture has studied the results of test slabs that were treated with Termidor, and even 15 years later, those sites were still termite free. The pest management service can then return each year to do another inspection to make sure your home stays free from termites.