Car Accident Attorneys in Washington DC can Help to Prove it Wasn’t Your Fault

by | Oct 11, 2013 | Lawyers

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If you are in a Washington, DC Auto Accident, you may need to prove to your insurer or the court that the crash was someone else’s fault. You cannot expect the court to rely on your word alone; you’ll need evidence of another party’s carelessness or negligence. Below you will find some sources of credible evidence that can prove another driver’s fault.

Accident/Police Reports

If law enforcement came to your accident scene, the police, you, or the other party likely filed a report. It is in your best interest to obtain and review a copy of this report, which can contain the officer’s opinion on the accident’s events, their belief as to who was at fault, and a list of any citations issued. Car accident attorneys in Washington DC can use this information to help you prove that the other driver caused your accident.

Local Traffic Laws

DC’s traffic laws can also support your claim that another driver was responsible for your accident. Look to the DMV for laws applying to your situation, such as right of way, road sign and speed laws. If you find any laws that could prove another person’s fault, copy them verbatim and note their location in the District’s vehicle code.

The Situation Itself

There are some situations where the other party will almost certainly be found at-fault, such as:

  • Rear end impacts: if you are rear-ended, it is almost always the other driver’s fault. One of the basic rules of the road is to ensure that you have enough space to stop safely, and a rear-end impact usually means that the second driver was following too closely.
  • Left turn/failure to yield accidents: If a car is making a left turn, the driver is liable for collisions with cars headed in the other direction. (There are exceptions to this rule, but they are very rare.)

Do I Need an Attorney to Prove that the Accident was the Other Driver’s Fault?

It can be very difficult to prove fault in an auto accident, and this applies whether you are pleading your case in court or with your car insurance company. By hiring a lawyer with the offices of Frederick J.

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