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How to Keep Your Home Bug Free

Insects are among the most annoying home invaders because they are so hard to get rid of. Plus, they remain in your home unseen and can pretty much get into anything and go anywhere. Their presence absolutely disgusts homeowners, and for good reason, because they crawl through so much filth and bacteria. While you cannot completely prevent bugs from entering your home, you can reduce the chances that they will.

Do Not Eat Around the House

By only eating in the kitchen and dining room, you are containing food to those rooms. This way, you can easily clean up after you eat and do not have to worry about crumbs and spills that will attract insects all over the house.

Close Their Entry Points

Any exterminator in Arlington, TX can tell you that these disgusting insects enter your home through the smallest of openings. While you probably won’t be able to completely seal up your home to prevent insects from entering, you can do your best to fill any noticeable spots to close off their entry points.

Walk around the outside of your home and look for any cracks, openings, or holes that could let the insects in. Use spray foam or caulk to fill these spaces immediately.

Clean Up

What you think of as harmless clutter makes an inviting home for bugs. They can use the clutter to hide from homeowners or even to nest. Since the area under the sink is moist and dark, it commonly attracts insects. You may not be able to see that you have an infestation with all the cleaning supplies you have under there. By simply storing your supplies in containers under your sink, you can easily pull out the containers and make sure there aren’t any bugs hiding.

Your pet’s food should be stored in an airtight container and not in the bag because it will attract insects by the smell and invite them inside. Just having a container with a lid is not enough to keep the bugs out.

Be Proactive

Once you spot insects in your home, call an exterminator in Arlington, TX to get rid of insects immediately. The last thing you want is for bugs to multiply and nest because they will literally take over your home and will be impossible to get rid of.

Professionals like the Wildlife X Team are equipped to handle infestations that make you want to move out of your home as fast as you can. They have the appropriate knowledge and tools to find out what has invaded your home, the extensive nature of the damage, and how to get these invaders out of your home as soon as possible.