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The Benefit of Summer Camp for Kids

Going to summer camp is almost as typically American as baseball and apple pie. There are a number of different movies that have tried to document the complete uniqueness of the summer camp experience; however, there are not too many that have pinpointed this perfectly. The fact is that a week at summer camp is extremely good for your child.

The typical images of summer camp that most people have involve Kumbaya around the fire, s’mores, canoes, tents and mosquitos; however, this falls extremely short of what summer camp really is. There is no question that the thought of any type of summer camp, even Christian Camps in Pennsylvania area can be extremely scary, for parents and children. However, once experienced, chances are it will be something that becomes a summer tradition for your child. Some of the benefits offered by summer camp are highlighted here.

Provides an Opportunity to Disconnect

There is no question that the youth of today is in a culture that is extremely loud. This is referring to a volume, but rather that there is a large amount of ambient noise occurring all the time. With cell phones, homework, sports, school, social media, etc., kids become stressed out, much like adults.

When they arrive at cam, they will unplug from all types of electronic devices, they will be able to breathe easily once again.

New Friendships are Developed

There is no question that everyone wants to be known and popular. When you spend a week, or more, in the same cabin with seven or eight other individuals, there is no question that strong and great relationships are created. These are friendships that can offer support all year long as a camper’s life continues to unfold.

It’s a Brand New Adventure

Have you ever had the opportunity to jump off of a ropes platform 25 feet in the air? Been able to jump onto a blog in the pool, or riding a horse across a green pasture? The fact is that the majority of today’s youth would answer no. However, these experiences, which are able to be had at camp, are priceless and safe.

When you begin to consider camp for your child, while you may be hesitant at first, it will be a wonderful and priceless memory for them. Keep this in mind and then let go and allow your child to experience an exciting time.