When to Consider Dumpster Rental in Minneapolis

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Environment

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Sometimes, you only need to rent a dumpster temporarily. Trash and debris can become overwhelming, especially if you are undertaking any type of remodel or construction project or moving your home or business to a new location. You may find that your business accumulates much more trash than you expected, and you are now needing a larger container to properly dispose of it. These are great reasons to consider Dumpster Rental in Minneapolis.

Here are some guidelines for choosing a dumpster rental company:

     *     Determine what size dumpster you will need. Call dumpster rental companies and inquire into what sizes they offer and at what price. They can help you figure out the best one for your disposal needs, whether long-term or temporary.

     *    Weight limit is also a factor to consider. There are restrictions on weight and what items you can dispose of in the dumpsters.

     *    Decide exactly where you would like the dumpster placed upon delivery. It needs to be in a location that can easily be reached by the delivery and collection trucks and where it is out of the way of any on-going construction or work site activity. The location should be free of power lines, trees that could be in the way, and any vehicles or structures.

     *    A permit may be required by the city if it will be near the street. Look into this if the dumpster must be on a street or curb.

     *    Choose a company that is reputable and offers reliable service.

     *    Ask for a quote on the rental fees, and make sure it includes delivery, pick-up, disposal, and any fuel fees.

     *    Have in mind if the renting of the dumpster will be long or short-term. Rental companies usually have a set number of days that you can rent a dumpster, especially for short-term needs.

For a quality, trustworthy, and reliable company offering Dumpster Rental in Minneapolis, consider Commercial Container LLC. They will work with you to efficiently and economically provide the right size dumpster you need for the amount of trash and debris that is accumulating at your work site or construction project.

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