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The Importance of Quality Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Aircraft ground support equipment is a part of the inner workings which aid in many of the processes of getting passengers and their baggage to and from their destinations safely. Maintaining a fleet of well-functioning vehicles and other necessary equipment is a must in order to maintain this constant flow. Breakdowns or poorly operating equipment can cause flight delays, an increase in lost baggage and safety hazards for the crews working on the ground. In the case of the airport industry, an ounce of prevention is worth twenty pounds of cure.

Functions of Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Ground support equipment includes baggage tractors, tow tractors, belt loaders, baggage carts, power units, lavatory trucks and several other important components. This equipment is necessary for transferring luggage from the airport terminal to the airplane before takeoff and transferring the baggage to the terminal building upon landing. The use of baggage carts towed by baggage tractors is necessary for getting everybody’s luggage where it needs to go in a timely manner.

Quality Requirements for Equipment

The need for maintaining high standards of quality and dependability in this equipment is of the utmost importance for any air travel business. The success of the airliner depends upon all of the equipment remaining functional, particularly during peak activity times. This begins with the selection of the right types of airport ground support equipment. One way to lessen the chances of costly breakdowns is to purchase or lease equipment from a company which offers services that come with safeguards.

Vendor Features

Purchase or rental of aircraft ground support equipment from a company which offers a generous warranty program will help to protect an airport in the event of equipment failure. Some of the features to be on the lookout for are companies which maintain a large assortment of the most commonly used equipment items in stock and ready to go. Used items should be fully reconditioned, have to pass a rigorous inspection, and also come with a warranty if purchased or a replacement program if they fail during the lease or rental period. Finally, companies which offer a fast delivery time for the needed equipment can help to prevent costly downtimes or delays due to airport ground support equipment failures.

Whether renting, leasing or purchasing aircraft ground support equipment, choosing a company which stands behind their products and provides their customers with a reliable support program in the event of breakdown, is an important decision to make and can keep the airport running as efficiently as possible. For more information about renting, leasing or buying aircraft ground support equipment, get in contact with the professionals found at Mercury GSE.

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