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Importance of a Routine Eye Exam

The ability to see is one asset that many people take for granted. Over time, however, a person’s eyesight can naturally worsen due to aging or other factors requiring the attention of a medical professional. A routine eye exam is an important part of taking care of your eye health so that you can continue to enjoy the gift of sight for years and decades to come.

Importance of an Eye Exam

An eye examination is important for determining whether or not you need correction in order to see properly. However, it also ensures that your eyes stay healthy. An optometrist can complete this type of exam for you if you are not suffering from medical problems. An ophthalmologist, on the other hand, is needed if you have a history of eye disease that requires surgical or medical treatment, or if you suffer from other medical problems.

What to Expect

A comprehensive exam of the eye takes about 1.5 hours. During the exam, a doctor will dilate your eyes. So you will not have the ability to read or see objects close to you for about four to six hours following your visit. Once your eyes have been dilated, it is worth noting that your eyes will be extremely light-sensitive, so using sunglasses is recommended. Your doctor may provide you with disposable sunglasses at the end of your exam.

What will be Examined

Your doctor will go over whether or not you have had a history of eye problems, your medical history and your visual acuity, or sharpness, during your eye exam. Grand Rapids doctors will also take intraocular pressure readings to determine whether or not you have what’s called ocular hypertension, or high eye pressure. If it’s not treated, a high level of pressure in the eye can lead to glaucoma and even the permanent loss of vision.

During the exam, your doctor will also use a microscope to examine the front portion of your eye, including your lens, iris, pupil and cornea. Your eye’s inside area will also be examined, including the optic nerve and retina. In the end, you will receive recommendations for maintaining healthy eyes long-term.

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