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How an Attorney May Be Able to Help During a Real Estate Transaction

Buying or selling real property can be a complex process, and it is generally a good idea to do so with the help of real estate law attorneys in Madison. This may make it easier to close on a transaction in a shorter period. Having legal counsel present can also minimize the chances that there will be any disputes after the transaction becomes official.

Attorneys Can Help Sellers Navigate Disclosure Rules

Real estate law attorneys in Madison may be able to ensure that a seller has made all necessary disclosures to a buyer. For instance, it may be necessary to reveal that the home sustained flood damage or that there was a pest infestation that has been taken care of. As a best practice, sellers should provide as much information about the property as possible even if they aren’t technically required to do so.

Attorneys Can Help Buyers Understand Their Purchase Offer

Buyers are generally allowed to back out of a purchase offer after it has been submitted and signed. However, there may be various consequences to doing so. An attorney may be able to explain what a buyer is saying by submitting an offer and what his or her rights may be after doing so. Buyers who understand their rights may be less likely to make an offer that they can’t honor.

Attorneys Can Settle Disputes Prior to Closing

Ideally, it is best to resolve a dispute before closing as opposed to after. If a dispute cannot be resolved before the close takes place, both sides can generally walk away without any significant consequences. However, disputes that arise after the transaction is final may cost both sides time and money that they can’t get back. This fact alone may be the best reason to hire an attorney regardless of what it may cost to do so.

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