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Five Benefits of Selling Your Home to a Legitimate House-Buying Company

Most people sell their homes when they would like to move, while others are forced to sell them because of divorces, job losses, liens or distressed properties. If you’re in a position where a traditional real estate sale just won’t do, you may want to speak with a legitimate house-buying company. Keeping that in mind, here are some key advantages of dealing with this type of firm:

Easy Process

With a company that offers deals such as “we buy houses in Mooresville”, you will initially call a representative from the firm, describe your house and situation and set up an appointment for someone to come to your house and do a walk-through. After that, the company could make you an offer in 24 or 48 hours.

Quick Sale

Most reputable house-buying firms will purchase your residence within a week to 10 days of making the offer. As a courtesy to you, you’ll get to choose the actual closing date.

Cash in Hand

A firm that offers “we buy houses in Mooresville” deals will usually pay cash for your house. Because of the liquidity of the cash deal, you will be expected to sell your house at a lower price than you would through a traditional real estate agent. You can, however, make up some of the difference by avoiding the costs and commission as these will not be charged in a cash deal.

Fewer Hassles

In most traditional real estate sales, you’d have to keep your house clean, modernize certain décor, fix handles and broken plumbing fixtures, and leave your house when your real estate agent shows it to potential buyers. By comparison, house-purchasing firms will not expect you to do any of this.

No Repairs

You can also avoid making expensive repairs with “we buy houses in Mooresville” transactions because homebuyer companies hire contractors to do that type of work.

Based in Davidson, North Carolina, LEAP Property Group, LLC is a highly experienced cash house-buying firm that will always provide clients with fair offers on their properties.

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