How a Natural Facial Rejuvenating Fat Transfer Can Make You Look Younger Aug14


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How a Natural Facial Rejuvenating Fat Transfer Can Make You Look Younger

As we age, our facial skin begins to show the years. While mature adults’ lines, wrinkles, and creases are said to be marks of wisdom meant to be honored, many individuals wish there were an easy way to turn back the clock on their facial appearance. Many area residents are opting to undergo a simple fat transfer in the Chicago Loop area to return the lost volume to their facial skin.

How a Fat Transfer Restores Facial Skin Volume Naturally

There are a number of terrific dermal fillers used in cosmetic practices for filling in facial wrinkles and fine lines such as the crows’ feet that develop around the delicate eye area over time. However, some patients prefer a more natural fit for their facial aging issues. There is a premier cosmetic surgery practice that now delivers a more natural solution for aging facial skin in the form of fat transfers that Chicago Loop patients are raving about. This process utilizes the patient’s own excess fatty tissue, taken from his or her abdomen, thighs, or flanks, and transfers it to the face to create natural-looking contours that minimize wrinkles, creases, and lines.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Fat Transfers versus Fillers?

Both dermal fillers and fat-transfer procedures can make the facial skin appear younger due to the restored skin volume. While the fat transfer offers a more natural look, its results are less predictable. The body may absorb some of the injected fat, but what remains after a few months is likely to last a lifetime.

What Are Some Benefits of Fat Transfers?

This procedure is ideal for individuals that don’t yet have a lot of telltale aging signs on their faces. The skin rejuvenating fat transfer that a Chicago Loop plastic surgery practice offers requires little downtime and is usually done under local anesthesia.

To find out more about how fat transfer can improve your appearance, contact Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, S.C.

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