Considering Surrogacy? Here Are Some Costs You’ll Need to Consider Aug14


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Considering Surrogacy? Here Are Some Costs You’ll Need to Consider

Surrogacy has become an incredible way for couples who are struggling with conceiving on their own to have a baby. Perhaps you’ve been told that you can’t develop a baby within your own body. Surrogacy can be an option for you in which a baby can be born that’s biologically related to both parents. Knowing the cost of surrogacy, however, is a bit more relative. Each surrogacy agency differs from the other in terms of the package that they offer their surrogate mothers. Yet you will need to consider some of the following costs. Keep these in mind as you pursue your best options.


The surrogate herself will need to have payment. You’re basically giving her a nine-month-long job. It takes a lot of care to promote a healthy baby while it grows. The surrogate mother cost in Texas varies depending on each surrogate mother. Some take time off from work in order to focus on growing your baby healthily. Others do not. Some need additional insurance payments while others don’t. You may find a company that provides one price for all surrogate mothers or one that offers a variety of prices.

Fertility Tests

A vital part of surrogacy is in-vitro fertilization. Before that occurs, the surrogate mother needs to be given additional fertility treatments. You will, too. Those cost money. That and the IVF session are other costs that you’ll need to consider into your budget. Medications may need to be taken for several months.


Most surrogates do not have health insurance that covers surrogacy pregnancies. Agencies can help you find insurance. However, you’re going to have to pay the cost of that insurance. This is to ensure that the health of the surrogate can be cared for in the event that something occurs. This adds to the surrogate mother cost in Texas as a whole.

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