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Hiring a Lawyer in 4 Steps

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter. If you are not careful in how you handle the situation, you can make a mistake that could have long-term consequences, not just for you, but for your loved ones as well.

One of the first things you will need to do is hire a lawyer. If you have never tried to hire one before, read the following advice to help you choose the best legal representation for you.

Get referrals

Look for referrals. Ask people on your contact list. You may also go online to research your options. This should generate enough names to provide you with a short list of prospective candidates.

Know the basics

What do you know about the lawyers on your list? It’s important that you find a lawyer like Chad Lewin. With his specialization in defense strategies, familiarity with Federal and state courts and experience in handling thousands of these cases, you have a much bigger chance of getting the outcome you want.

Talk about your arrangement

Once you choose a lawyer, you will need to talk about your arrangement. How will your lawyer update you on the progress of the case? What are your options moving forward? What is the likely scenario? What’s going to happen if you are found guilty? By asking your lawyer in advance, you will be prepared for anything that may happen.

Determine the costs

Different lawyers prefer different payment structures and arrangements. Talk about this with your lawyer before any of the work starts, the Federal Trade Commission suggests. If you value your life and the outcome of your case, choosing lawyers that offer their services at a bargain rate is not an option. That is why a lawyer like Chad Lewin is your best possible defense in court. Hiring an experienced lawyer is well-worth it, knowing you are getting the best legal help possible.