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Considering Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment? Get the Facts!

Drinking water contamination is making headlines all over the nation. In many places where people once took safe drinking water for granted, there have been any number of rude awakenings. From lead contamination in Lansing to industrial contamination in Pennsylvania, and agricultural contamination in the Midwest, more Americans are looking to secure their drinking water and make sure that it is safe for their families. One of the most popular methods for purifying water is reverse osmosis water treatment. With this type of water treatment, water is pushed through a multilayered semi-permeable membrane, leaving contaminants stuck in the filter, and safe, clean drinking water on the other side. Let’s look at what this technology can do to make sure your water is safe and healthy to drink, cook with, or for bathing.

Get It Out of Here!

Reverse osmosis can catch a lot of different contaminants and keep them out of your drinking water. The multilayered membrane has different sized “pores” that are designed to catch different insoluble materials of different sizes. For instance, certain filters will remove a lot of sodium from the water – in some cases up to 80 or 90% – making it a valuable addition to households in areas where there is saltwater intrusion into the water table. Additionally, it can catch parasites such as Cryptosporidium; bacteria such as E. coli, Shigella, Salmonella, and Campylobacter; and can also remove viruses such as norovirus, hepatitis A, and rotavirus.

Priceless Doesn’t Mean Expensive

Reverse osmosis water treatment is one of the accessible treatments for the home user. The technology is widely available, and a little comparison shopping and research will show you the best suppliers to buy your gear. Don’t be fooled by people telling you that this is a technology you can’t understand and can’t handle it by yourself. Check out reverse osmosis water treatment providers who will help you pick the best system for your home and family.