Growing Quality Plants indoors

by | Apr 7, 2014 | Electrical

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Wouldn’t it be lovely if everything we planted just grew miraculously fast and perfectly beautiful each time, yeah, in your dreams, right? Well, not necessarily now. Now, there is new technology that can actually assist you in growing indoor produce such as fruits, flowers, plants and vegetables. In years gone by the normal process of events would include preparing the ground, sowing the seeds, watering them and waiting. If the weather was kind the seedlings would sprout and eventually become their adult version of a tomato, cabbage, lettuce, carrot, potato or whatever you had planted. It would be a waiting game that you could never guarantee a good result from, and that can be the hardest part, especially for farmers and produce growers.

After a while, it was deemed clever to plant some produce in greenhouses because the ‘greenhouse effect’ would provide them with the warmth that they needed to grow safely without worrying about ground frost or greenfly. Greenhouses are still an excellent growing environment for many fruits, vegetables and plants and flowers. In fact, many growers actually force growth throughout the year in order to be able keep their businesses afloat and profitable.

Growing Pains

In order to keep your crops, produce or personal gardens in the healthiest of conditions a green house is often the best answer. Not everyone has enough room inside their homes to use grow lights. Grow lights are LED lights which give off natural light as well as the right horticultural benefits that can help your produce to thrive in conditions that it might not usually survive in. If you keep your plants indoors, they will have warm soil, but a drier atmosphere, so they might need a little more water than if they were outside. Grow lights have the same benefits as natural lights and sunshine, but they are on more often. The sun cannot be turned on and off at will, but a grow light can and users will find that if they turn them on during the day they will get the same benefits as though the sun were constantly on. This is more beneficial to the plants, the vegetation, the flowers and the fruit, as well as protecting them from the elements such as frost, snow, hail and other forces of nature.

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