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Where Do You Go To Cash In Your Winnings If They Are In Chocolate Poker Chips?

To some extent, the answer depends more on where and how you acquired these Chocolate Poker Chips rather than what you wish to do with them afterwards. If you have the chips as a result of gambling in a recognised, legal gaming establishment like a casino then there is something a bit strange going on if they are Chocolate Poker Chips

Real Poker Chips

The real chips are usually made of either metal or plastic and they are given out in exchange for cash when you first go into a place where people gamble on their performance at the card game known as poker. There are many different ways in which poker can be played but they all rely on someone betting that the cards in their hand are better than those of anyone else around the table. The bets could be placed in cash money but many poker places find it more convenient for the players to use a token money for their bets –i.e. poker chips. Each chip has a clearly marked monetary value representing the amount paid in to obtain it and the amount that will be paid back when the player decides to leave or “cash in his chips”. Obviously, imitation chips are worthless in such a situation.

Imitation Poker Chips

The whole point of a game of poker is tied into the gambling element but, it is possible to play the game without any actual money becoming involved. However, the players must have something to bet with and losers are determined as those who no longer have anything to bet because the winners have accumulated all the stakes that have been placed on the table.

In such a friendly game of poker, no money changes hands but, something has to be used to make the bets with. Matchsticks have been used for this purpose but their use could be considered a bit dull.

Disks of chocolate covered in a metallic foil (so as to be imitation coins) have long been around and are well established as treats for children (especially at Christmas time). Imagine that, instead of match sticks, these chocolate coins were to be used for the betting on poker hands. This sounds and looks more exciting and the winner does get to eat some chocolate. This has been tried and proved popular at social functions that incorporated some hands of poker as harmless entertainment for the guests. From this; it was a small step for the chocolate companies to emboss their product with realistic casino style markings and provide Chocolate Poker Chips.