Types Of Chicago Neck Pain And Treatments Jan19


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Types Of Chicago Neck Pain And Treatments

If you live in Chicago and find you frequently get neck pain, you may decide to do something about it. Whether you visit a chiropractor or doctor, you need to know the different types of irritation and typical treatment plans for each so you have a better idea of what will be in store. Types can include acute and chronic, and treatments range from holistic to surgical.


Acute problems are those lasting for a short space of time. While the time will vary, these problems usually resolve within four to six weeks and do not recur. Typical reasons for the problem include workout injuries, using the wrong mattress to sleep and sitting incorrectly. Your doctor or chiropractor will be able to determine what type of problem you have and offer treatment options.


Chronic problems are those that last a long time or return frequently. The time frame for these problems is usually from one month onwards and can be caused by working out incorrectly, sitting or sleeping incorrectly, as well as tumors, slipped discs and more. Because many doctors only worry about the immediate future, they may prescribe pain-relievers, which will help you feel better, but won’t get to the root of the problem. Make sure your doctor offers a treatment plan to fix the entire problem and not just the irritation. Otherwise, consider visiting a chiropractor for a more holistic treatment plan that involves learning proper exercise techniques.


There are many treatment options available to anyone with neck pain in Chicago, including home treatments, medication, massage, manipulation, exercise, stretching and special tools. In very rare cases, surgery may also be required.

Home treatments typically include applying ice and heat to the area, reducing pain by using over-the-counter medications and being gentle with the area until it heals properly. During this time, you will likely be able to continue on with daily activities, but may need to reduce the amount of exercises you do that can strain the neck area.

Anti-inflammatory medicines and even anti-depressants can be used, along with muscle relaxers to relax those muscles and reduce any swelling. These medicines should be prescribed by a doctor.

Physical therapy or chiropractic care may be necessary to help reduce the problems you face, and can include specific exercises or stretches, therapy, massage and other options.

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