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Has your face been left with a scar from an accident or a previous medical procedure? Are you suffering from embarrassing scars related to acne or wrinkles in unwanted areas? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve certainly clicked on the right article today. Skin dermabrasion is a popular cosmetic procedure that allows doctors to eliminate the aforementioned problems from a patient’s skin. It will leave your skin both looking and feeling smooth, and patients will be absolutely thrilled with the finished results. If you’re ready to stop WISHING your skin was smooth and finally have the complexion you’ve always wanted, it may be time to take the next step.

How Does It Work?
Skin dermabrasion literally takes the skin’s top layer and refinishes it. Through careful scraping and sanding, medical professionals are able to change the appearance and feel of the skin. Whether you’re interested in treating one small area or you’d like your entire face done, dermabrasion can be performed in a number of different ways. Often, patients use this procedure in coordination with something like removal of a scar or a chemical peel for maximum results.

Who is It Good For?
We are all our harshest critics, so it’s not uncommon for us to want to fix our imperfections. Many people who seek out a skin dermabrasion treatment are doing so to eliminate elements like deep acne scars, scars from stitches or a previous wound, fine lines, or wrinkles. Because these scenarios can happen to people of all ages, both young and old patients can benefit from a dermabrasion treatment with a cosmetic surgery professional. It is important to remember, however, that each situation is different and a consultation will help to give you more insight on your individual scenario.

Keep in Mind
If you’re considering this procedure for yourself, it’s important to remember that these treatments often require a local anesthetic and do involve some recovery time. This is certainly not a procedure you can plan on having done during your lunch break! Of course, specific scenarios vary, and only your doctor can tell you exactly what to expect in your unique situation. Now that you know the basics and have a general understanding of what you can expect from undergoing a process like this, reach out to your local cosmetic surgeon and schedule your initial consultation today. Isn’t it time you felt good about your skin again?

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