5 step process to more effectively presenting your solution

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Career and Jobs

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As most sales professionals know, presenting their sales solution is a very important part of the sales process and a very important part of finding sales success. If you are looking to more effectively present your solution; there are a number of things that you will want to do and keep in mind to make sure that you are engaging in the best presentation possible.

Step One: Prepare
The preparation of your sales solution presentation should never be overlooked. Make sure you have qualified the prospect and that you have sent the prospect an “as we agreed to” letter. You will also want to follow that letter up with a phone call. Make sure that you practice with dry runs and role plays to make sure you are ready for the presentation.

Step Two: Beginning the Solution Presentation With a Review

When it comes time to present your sales solution you will actually want to begin your presentation with a review. Make sure you talk about where you have been, why you are there and so you know that everyone is on the same page regarding this presentation. Everyone in the room should know that when the proposal presentation is over the idea is to get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from the prospect.

Step Three: Invite the Prospect To Speak

After you have reviewed why you are there you will want to make sure that you give the prospect an outline that you have prepared based on what they have said their needs or problems are. At this time you should ask them what issue or problem they want to start discussing first so that they are engaged in the presentation and so you can start providing them with solutions.

Step Four: Make Sure Your Prospect Is Satisfied

As you go through your presentation every time you provide them with a solution you will want to make sure that you stop to make sure that they are satisfied with the solution. If they are not; then take a minute to address the issue so that you can cover any bases you have missed and again so your prospect will feel as though you are really doing what you can to make sure they feel comfortable with your solution.

Step Five: Closing

Once you have finished presenting your solutions; close with a summary that reviews everything you have talked about and ask them if they have any other concerns or questions so you can move forward into hearing their verdict on your solution presentation.

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