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Get the Help You Need From a DUI Lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS

When you are charged with a DUI, it is imperative you are careful in each step you take. This is a serious charge and one you should not take lightly. Though you have been charged with a crime, you still do hold certain rights. You have the right to hire a lawyer and have the lawyer be present through every step of the process. The DUI Lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS will assist you in understanding your rights so you do not cause problems in your case. It is important you follow your lawyer’s advice and work to present yourself as being serious about changing your life.

What Rights Do You Hold During Your Arrest for a DUI?

When you are arrested, you will first be read your Miranda rights. The Miranda rights were put into law to protect people who have been charged with a crime. It is important you listen to these rights as they are read, so you understand them. If you have any questions regarding your rights, you have the right to ask the officer and can ask for clarification from your attorney. One of the biggest rights you hold is being able to remain silent. Many people make a big mistake by talking way too much during the arrest process. They often give the police information that can be used against them in their case. It is in your best interest to be quiet during the process and do not speak until your attorney prompts you to.

Another right you hold is to have an attorney present when you are questioned by the police. You do not have to answer any questions about your charges and it is best you do not. Having your DUI Lawyer present will allow you to know what you should answer and what questions you should avoid, to prevent incriminating yourself.

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