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Fitness That Sticks: Seeking the Support of A Professional Fitness Trainer

Whether you’ve struggled with your weight for years or are only just beginning your journey to health, a professional fitness trainer may be just what you need to see results. For those who think they’ve already got what it takes: we get it. You are committed, dedicated, and want nothing more than to achieve the goals that you’ve always dreamed of. And we love that.

Unfortunately, initial enthusiasm is often proceeded by complacency and frustration. To ensure that this time is the last time, make a change. Pick up the phone, call that trainer, and watch your success soar.

Follow Professional Guidance

Rather than set finite goals with no knowledge of how to achieve them, design a fitness routine with your personal trainer that actually works. From which muscle groups to target to when you deserve a rest (no, it’s not after three push-ups), the expert guidance and knowledgeable advice of a trained professional will keep you on track toward your goals.

Seek Progress, Not Perfection

By setting achievable goals in manageable time frames, you’ll come to appreciate the value of progress over perfection. With routines of increasing intensity and of course, a healthy dose of both encouragement and constructive redirection, your fitness trainer will improve not just your health, but the way in which you see yourself.

Practice Accountability

From the get-go, you’ll need to be up-front with your fitness trainer (trust us, an experienced professional will know immediately whether you have been honest!). Not only will your trainer design a program that challenges you both mentally and physically, but you’ll actually have to show up to class – or risk paying the fees of an (often expensive) session.

Build a Robust Network

Not only will you build rapport with your trainer, but you’ll likely want to consult with an integrated team of professionals to ensure that your fitness and nutrition regimen are appropriate for your unique needs and goals. From a nutritionist to a PCP to a chiropractor or masseuse, your new network of health professionals will completely transform the way you live.

At The MAX Challenge, our unique design of fitness, nutrition, and motivation is guaranteed to transform your life. The premier provider of lasting change in Staten Island, our seasoned staff on Arthur Kill Road look forward to designing your ultimate journey to health. Contact us today at THE MAX Challenge of Staten Island Arthur Kill, NY

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