Everything You Wanted To Know About Gummy Bear Breast Implants

by | Sep 15, 2011 | Health Care

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Gummy bear breast implants is another name for the silicone cohesive gel breast implants. It basically got such an interesting name due to the consistency of the high-strength silicone gel that is used in the procedure. The material is denser than saline water, which gives it a semi-solid form. One major advantage of using such implants is that the shape of the breasts are not distorted and they always remain in upright position. You might have tasted the gummy bear candy, the gummy bear breast implants got its name from the candy itself!

Appearance and feel of these implants

With such solidified gel, breasts look natural and firm. Shape of the breasts is maintained well and they will also not wrinkle or fold, thus are less likely to sag as in the case with saline water implants. Do not mistake gummy bear breast implants with conventional silicone ones. The former has a far more better effect than the later.

Are gummy bear breast implants comfortable?

You will not feel uncomfortable with these high-strength implants under your skin. The best part is that there is no sloshing sound while you move as in the case with saline water ones. Women who have undergone such a surgery stated that gummy bear implants feel more natural to touch than other types.

Are these safe?

You must know that  gummy bear breast implants are completely safe and effective prosthetics to enhance your breasts. The manufacturers are ISO 9001 certified companies and they maintain high industry standards in the manufacturing process. These were approved by the FDA in November 2006 after proper tests and study. These got perfect rating under FDA Custom Good Manufacturing Process (CGMP).

What is the chance of a leakage?

As these are made of solidified silicone gel, they have a less chance to rupture. Even if a rupture occurs, the implant will actually hold itself together unlike the saline ones, which have a tendency to shrink within a few days. Gummy bear breast implants have a thick outer shells and are therefore less likely to leak.

Nevertheless, you should ask your doctor whether  gummy bear breast implants are right for you. But, firstly make it a point to choose the best cosmetic surgeon who is experienced and skilled in the procedure. This is a latest cosmetic surgery procedure to enhance the size of the breasts, therefore, there are only a few doctors experienced in this procedure.


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