Don’t Settle for a Single-Focus Dentist in Attleboro, MA when You Can Use a Multi-Discipline Office Instead

by | Mar 14, 2014 | Dentistry

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The days of a dentist in Attleboro, MA being in an office with a single focus are gone. Now, multi-discipline offices like atwill-conroy dental associates are the best and most popular option. People don’t have the time to drive all over the place just to get all of their oral health needs taken care of, so dentist’s offices have been consolidating a number of professionals under one roof. This gives them a big advantage over the remaining single-discipline dental centers.

Despite the ability to get many specialized procedures done at multi-discipline offices, the basics are still an important part of a dental practice. That’s because people need fillings far more often than they need things like root canals, periodontal treatment, or oral surgery. Therefore, large offices will have plenty of general dentists on staff to take care of basic procedures so that all of the patients can be seen quickly and efficiently.

Another standard feature of multi-discipline offices is a family focus. Some even have pediatric specialists on staff to ensure that kids are given the friendly and age-specific care they need. A friendly staff is a standard feature for family dental practices, and this holds true even for large offices. There will be plenty of things for kids to do in order to keep from getting bored. You’ll have a much easier time with the wait because of this factor, and the idea of doing something like scheduling your entire family for teeth cleaning on the same day won’t be nearly as daunting.

Not everything a dentist in Attleboro, MA does concerns existing teeth. Large practices know that sometimes, the loss of a tooth cannot be avoided. Therefore, they’ll provide several options for replacing missing teeth. These range from single-tooth implants all the way to full dentures. Many people assume that such services are mostly used by those on the opposite end of the age spectrum from their kids, but this often isn’t the case. The loss of a tooth or two at an earlier age is fairly common, and can result from anything from extensive tooth decay to sports injuries.

As this shows, a multi-discipline family practice is good for people of all ages and with all conditions. You’ll find that getting all of the care you need from one of these offices is easy and convenient at any stage of life.

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