How Does the Dentist in Glendale AZ Place a Bridge in Your Mouth?

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Dentistry

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When you are missing a tooth, it can cause problems with your appearance and with your ability to chew. Eating problems are often more noticeable when you are missing one of your molars. Since the molars are used to grind up your food, missing one can cause chewing certain foods difficult. Today, there are many options available for replacing missing teeth. One of these is through a bridge. The Dentist Glendale AZ can create a bridge and replace your missing tooth, so your smile no longer has a gap and you can enjoy the foods you once could not.

How Is a Dental Bridge Created?

To place a dental bridge in your smile, the dentist will first need to prepare the teeth on either side of your missing tooth. These teeth will be fitted with crowns and will need to be shaped and made smaller. The dentist will use special tools to round off the edges of your teeth and this will eventually cause them to be peg-shaped. The dentist will continue to work with these teeth, until they are in the perfect shape to fit in with the crown.

Using a mold created from your teeth, the dentist will send information and the mold to a special dental lab for them to create your bridge. The bridge consists of a crown on both sides, with an artificial tooth in the middle. This closes in the gap in your smile and bridges all of your teeth together. Once your bridge is prepared, the dentist will cement the two crowns in place and the artificial tooth will simply rest on your gums. This creates a seamless smile and allows you the ability to chew properly again.

It is important you are careful in caring for your bridge. The dentist will instruct you on how to properly clean it and what foods and activities you should avoid, to prevent damage to your bridge. With proper care and routine maintenance, your bridge can stay strong and performing well, for many years to come.

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