Contractor Advice as it Relates to Home Insurance in CT

by | Sep 21, 2013 | Insurance Services

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From your basement to your roof, no part of your home is immune from the home improvement scams that pop up every year. As you’re hiring remodeling and building help, keep an eye out for these warning signs.

Door to door solicitation: Be wary of any contractor who approaches you first. They might tell you that they just finished a job in your area and have leftover materials, or that they’re running a ‘limited time’ special. Whatever they’re selling, don’t buy it! A reliable contractor should have enough jobs from referrals and advertising to keep them busy; hire your contractors from reputable sources.

You can find good contractors in the telephone book, by asking family and friends for recommendations, or from professional organizations. You can also use the BBB or a search engine to check a contractor’s complaint history. When interviewing contractors, ask for proof of licensure, bonding and insurance. Reliable contractors have this information and will gladly share it.

Get a second opinion: If a contractor finishes your job and tells you that they’ve found another problem, get another opinion, because they may be looking to pad their estimate. Get competitive bids on all jobs to ensure the consistency and fairness of all quotes. The lowest price isn’t always the best idea; if you get a bid that’s drastically lower than all the others, ask for clarification.

Don’t pay in full upfront: It’s unusual to pay for the entire job upfront. If your contractor insists on it, take it as a red flag–and assume that if you pay, you may never get the work you paid for. Be sure to get a contract detailing the work to be done, and its cost. Typical terms are a 25% deposit, and the remainder upon completion. Don’t pay in cash; use a check or a credit card so there’s a paper trail.

Continue to Protect Yourself

Hiring a contractor is a big decision and should not be entered into lightly. Whether you’re hiring a contractor for an addition, improvement or repair, you should be sure that your Home Insurance in CT offers enough protection. At Harrigan Insurance and Financial Services Inc., we can help you ensure that you’re protected against unscrupulous contractors. Click here for more information.

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