Choosing a Family Law Attorney-Questions to Ask

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Lawyers

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When the time comes to hire a Family Law Attorney, you may be feeling so overwhelmed by your situation that you choose to go with the first name you come across. Before you hire any Family Law Attorney, such as those at Shinbaum & Campbell P.C., you need to ask a number of questions. Doing so ensures you get someone with the skills and experience to handle your case the right way. Anything less and the long term consequences could be disastrous. Here are some questions to ask of the attorney during your initial meeting.

1. Will you personally be handling my case? Often, you meet with an attorney during the consultation and then your case is passed on to another member of the firm. Determine who this will be and who your point of contact will be within the firm. This eliminates a great deal of confusion as the case progresses through the system.

2. What in your background makes you qualified to handle my case? Here you wish to learn about any special classes the attorney has taken, any seminars he or she has attended, and any other training they have completed. You want someone who handles cases like yours regularly and someone who has appeared in court at times and settled out of court when this was the better option.

3. What are your fees? Some attorneys work on a retainer while others charge an hourly rate. You also need to ask about any other fees you may be charged, in addition to those directly related to the attorney’s services. This may be filing fees or travel costs, among other things.

4. What are the strengths of my case and what are the weaknesses as you see it? Once this has been answered, ask how the strengths will be capitalized on and how the weaknesses will be minimized.

There are many other questions you may wish to ask, questions concerning logistics, correspondence, and more. Be sure to write them down before the meeting. This helps to guarantee you don’t miss any. Meeting with an attorney isn’t something anyone looks forward to. Preparing a list of questions will help you find a lawyer you feel comfortable working with and one who will handle your case with care. Check here!

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