Learn Social Media Through a Book

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Internet Marketing

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New Contact SportSocial media marketing (SMM) is still so new that a few short years ago, there were really no experts who could speak on it with any sort of authority. Back then, business owners who saw the potential in SMM had to make up the rules as they went along. Some things worked, other things didn’t, and you can bet that a lot of those early adopters were wishing there was a SMM book they could turn to when they needed help. Whether they were in a large metropolitan area such as Chicago or in more rural areas of the country, they saw the potential in this type of marketing.

Over the years, social media has evolved, and so have those early adopters. Nowadays, you don’t have to rely on trial-and-error in order to find out what the best practices for social media marketing are. Now, there’s a book for that.

The book, “Sales 3.0 – The New Contact Sport: How to Use and Leverage Social Media Marketing for Small Business Sales Success” outlines the basics of social media for businesses and provides strategies for implementing a new social media campaign. Whether your Chicago-area business works directly with customers or clients or it’s more of a business-to-business type of operation, you’ll benefit from having a solid social media strategy in place.

The book will not only tell you why you need social media marketing for your business, but will also outline the major players in the social media scene and how to use each of them effectively. It doesn’t matter whether your business is a home-based, part-time gig or you have a business with many employees; you need social media marketing. Not only that, you need to use it effectively, or those businesses who adopted the process early on are going to continue to dominate what could be your share of the market.

If you’re the type of person who needs to read a step-by-step guide before you begin something, you owe it to yourself and your business to get the definitive guide on the topic of social media.

The Chicago area has more than 9.5 million residents, and more of them could be your customers by taking advantage of valuable social media resources around you.

Sales 3.0 – The New Contact Sport” is an easy-to-read, easy-to-use guide written by two experts in sales, marketing and online business. The book is an essential item for those looking to improve their social media marketing in the Chicago area.

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