Benefits of Buying New Homes for Sale in New Haven IN Dec06


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Benefits of Buying New Homes for Sale in New Haven IN

With existing home inventories at an all-time low in many housing markets, buyers are disadvantaged. They have fewer choices and competition is quite stiff. However, new home construction is booming as builders offer options for every budget. In this guide, readers will learn why it’s easier to buy new Homes For Sale in New Haven IN.

No Transaction Management Required

Builders are well-equipped to manage home sales. They typically have their own title companies and lenders who know them and the development’s properties. Builders want customers to have pleasant, smooth closings, and most offer programs that make it easy to move from the contract to the closing stage.

Reduced Closing Costs

In most cases, a new home’s closing costs are from two to four percent of the total price. However, many builders offer incentives and credits to buyers who go through their preferred lenders. These credits can be quite substantial; in some instances, it’s two to three percent of the home’s cost.

Lower Title Fees

Because builders process so many transactions with one title company, buyers who use that company encounter fewer title-related issues with new Homes For Sale in New Haven IN. Therefore, escrow and title fees are usually lower.

Problems are Resolved Before Closing

It’s a good idea to have a newly-built home inspected. If the inspector finds any problems, the builder will fix them before closing. Customers won’t have to deal with the noise and dust of repairs, or the inconvenience of being shut out of the home while the work is ongoing.

Warranties Offer Protection

If the inspection missed an expensive problem or if something goes wrong with one of the systems or appliances installed by the builder, most companies offer a warranty that covers the cost of replacement or repair.

No Drama

When customers buy new construction homes, there’s no drama involved. Move-ins aren’t delayed, and there’s no need to pay for painting and redecoration first. With a new home, the buyer gets to choose finishes and appliances that suit their preferences.
There are numerous reasons to buy a new home, and the most important are listed here. Visit the website for more details or call Lancia Homes to get started. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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