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5 Things That Happen When the Filters Aren’t Changed on Rheem Air Conditioners

The air filters on Rheem Air Conditioners aren’t just there to keep outgoing air clean; they play a crucial role in proper system operation. Cleaning or changing the filter is one of the most vital steps a homeowner can take to maintain the unit, as it prevents issues, improves efficiency, and minimizes the amount spent on repairs. Here, homeowners will learn what happens when they don’t replace the air filter.

Short Cycling

An AC unit is designed to turn off and on throughout the day, but a clogged or dirty filter may cause the cycle to become shorter than necessary. Besides the excess noise that comes with rapid cycling, there may be temperature shifts and wasted energy as well.

Freezing Up

A clean, new air filter will let air flow smoothly out of the unit. Dirty filters inhibit the flow of conditioned air, causing it to back up inside the unit and lower its internal temperature. With enough time, the buildup may cause ice crystals to form on the unit’s coils.

Inconsistent Cooling

Even if it isn’t cold enough to freeze the unit up, restricted airflow isn’t good for the unit’s cooling power. With a clogged filter, a homeowner may notice cold and hot spots throughout the house, and that typically brings less comfort and higher cooling costs.

Buildup of Allergens

If there’s a household member with respiratory allergies or asthma, it’s particularly important to change the air filter regularly. Dirty filters cause allergens to accumulate in the ductwork, where they may linger for months or even years before being released into the indoor air.

Wear and Tear

Rheem Air Conditioners simply last longer when they’re properly maintained. Good air filters stop dirt and dust from gathering on a unit’s internal parts; bad ones cause further wear and tear that may lead to expensive maintenance in the future. Failure to change the filter regularly will cause the unit to wear out sooner, leading to frequent repairs and a costly replacement.

Schedule Maintenance Today

There’s a simple solution to these issues: regular filter cleaning or replacement. Filters should be replaced or cleaned every 90 days, or more often in dusty, dirty conditions. However, if the unit isn’t doing its job despite regular filter changes, it’s time to call for help. Call Jones Air Conditioning & Electric today to schedule service. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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