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Beautiful Yet Masculine Wedding Bands

Wedding bands have become a common symbol in Western culture, as well as in other cultures that previously did not have any such tradition. First worn only by women, it is now almost universal in the United States for men to also wear a wedding ring. Mens wedding bands started out very plain, typically a simple band of gold. Now there are nearly as many wedding ring options for men to choose from as there are engagement rings for women to choose from.

For many men, the first time they wear a ring is when they get married. Because of this it may be uncomfortable to wear, and at the very least, a little awkward at first. One way that modern jewelers have solved this problem is by crafting rings with a comfort fit option. Comfort fit rings have a smooth curved interior that glides onto a finger without tugging or chafing. Many men who wear these rings hardly notice them at all. This make adjusting to wearing a wedding ring a little bit easier.

Often more associated with women’s rings, it is no longer uncommon to see men’s bands set with diamonds, filigree, or other interesting inlays. Gems are usually set flush into the band, and tend to be discrete, while still showing off a bit of flair. Rather than a single stone, mens wedding bands may have a row of three small diamonds running diagonally across the band, or be fitted inside a tension ring.

Still more options are being offered to men who want a little more style in their wedding ring. One of the most masculine materials that a ring can be made of is meteorite. Wearing meteorite is like holding star stuff in the palm of your hand. There is a quality to meteorite than cannot be found anywhere else, probably because the material came from off of our world. It has natural grains and inclusions that make each ring different and beautiful.

Just because a man may not want a ring as sparkly as a woman’s diamond ring does not mean that he should settle for something boring. To look for some amazing wedding bands, do an internet search to find titanium, palladium, wood, inlay, or meteorite rings. Even if you are looking for plain mens wedding bands, you may want to consider materials like titanium, for a ring that is as strong and constant as the man who will wear it.

When looking for mens wedding bands, search for something out of the common way. Mens wedding bands made with wood, meteorite, or bone inlays give the rings the natural beauty of the outdoors.