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Jerseys say more than you think

To many people, soccer is just a game of kicking a ball on a field. They think it doesn’t require skill or that it’s just an easy game. This is not so. For many people, soccer is a way of life. For some domestically or internationally, it rivals football. Overseas, it’s called futbol. Mario Balotelli is an Italian striker for the Italy national team and the Milan team. He even did a brief period with FC Barcelona and joined the Internazionale in 2007. A player with amazing skills but a spotty off the field life. Since joining Manchester city he has gained a cult following. He played in the 2013 FIFA Confederations cup and is a top recruitment for the 2014 FIFA cup. The Italy BALOTELLI jersey is the perfect way to show support.

The italy BALOTELLI jersey is available in a variety of colors. Mario, nicknamed Super Mario, has jersey options for the Milan home and away games. An option is available for the Italy team home games, as well. The Milan home jersey is stark white with blood red lettering. Red has always been known as an intimidating color. Given Mario’s personal life, that was a good choice.

The Milan away jersey is gold. That says i’m number one and you and I both know it. It is intimidating in its own way, as blood red is. It doesn’t hurt the outline of his name and the number is outlined in the same red as the home jersey lettering. Mario’s track record for penalty kicks shows he is, indeed, very well, number one.

The Italy BALOTELLI jersey for home games is mostly blue, but it has the Italy flag colors throughout. Red and green on the sleeves with a white name and letter. Patriotic for the Italy national team was the way to go. The blue of the jersey is a calming color, but bold enough mixed with the flag colors to make it known who the opposing team is playing. A way to show support for an agile and very skilled player, the Italy BALOTELLI jersey is a sure way to go for all fans of the Italian teams and for Mario himself.