Auto Repair of Your Braking System in Sterling, VA

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Autos

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One of the most important safety aspects of your vehicle are the brakes. In order to maintain a high level of safety, not only for yourself but for the people you share the road with, you need to ensure that your vehicle’s brakes are working properly. In some cases, in order to ensure that your brakes are operating properly, you will need to visit a dedicated facility that offers Auto Repair in Sterling, VA. Here are a few of the more common brake issues that you may have to deal with.

The brake pads and the brake shoes that actually do the slowing down of the vehicle are considered wear items and over time, these items will need to be changed as they wear down. This is not uncommon and typically, your braking system will let you know when it’s time to replace them. Most brake pads and brake shoes are equipped with wear indicators and the brakes will begin to squeal or make a high-pitched noise when the pad material is beginning to wear thin. If you have no experience at replacing brake pads or brake shoes, then you will want to visit a facility that handles Auto Repair in Sterling, VA in order to have your brake pads or shoes replaced.

In some cases, problems with your braking system can be more than routine replacement of wear items. For example, if you have to depress the brake pad further or if the brake pad seems softer than they have in the past, you may have a problem with fluid moving from the master cylinder, through the brake lines or into the brake calipers. This can mean that you have a leak in your brake line, air has gotten into this pressurized system or you’re having problems with a caliper or the master cylinder. In these cases, you’ll need to look for something beyond wear items as to why your braking system isn’t working properly.

You want to make sure that your brakes are there for you if you need to stop quickly. You’ll also want to look for Great Brake Service at a Great price. Fortunately in a city like Sterling, Virginia, you will find a few excellent repair shops to have your brake system inspected and have the maintenance or repair that your vehicle requires.

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