Indicators That Point to Seeing The Transmission Shop Chicago Nov09


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Indicators That Point to Seeing The Transmission Shop Chicago

The transmission is the lifeblood of the car. It transmits power from the engine of the car to the drive axle. The drive axle, in turn, makes the wheels drive the car. The transmission can change the gear ratio to deliver different levels of power and speed to the wheels. This complicated mechanical component of the car helps to reduce stress on the engine of the car by providing more power and less speed in low ranges, and less power and more speed in high ranges. With a manual transmission, a clutch is used to connect and disconnect the transmission with the engine of the car. An automatic transmission does not use this device. Since these car parts combine hydraulics and electronic components controlled by computers, it’s important to find the transmission shop Chicagothat will fix your transmission efficiently and properly.

Before you take your car to an auto repairman, try to diagnose the problem yourself. You can try to fix the problem yourself with the right tools. If you are not able to fix it, simply identifying the problem can save you money since part of an auto mechanic’s job is finding out where the problem is on a car. This will cut down on the labor time.

There are some significant signs to watch out for that indicate the problem lies with the transmission of the car.

1. When a car won’t go into gear, it may be an indication that the transmission is sticking. Check the transmission fluid to make sure your car has the correct level. Also, the thickness of the fluid may be wrong for your transmission. Purchasing the right one is important for the proper functioning of the entire car.

2. Hearing a noise while your car is in neutral is a sign that the transmission is acting up. Keep this in mind when you are visiting The transmission shop Chicago so you can tell a mechanic what your car is doing.

3. The check engine light can be a good sign that the transmission is problematic. You can purchase a diagnostic scan tool that will display a code corresponding to the area of the car with the problem. If this gadget points to the transmission, it’s time to see a mechanic.

Write down everything you check so you can show this to your mechanic. This will further cut down on labor time. Stop by S-O-S Transmission shop for quality transmission rebuild and repair service or contact online today to schedule an appointment.

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