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Annual HVAC service is extremely important

Even though you believe you heating and air conditioning system is working well, you should never avoid the annual service, it is far more important than what you might think.

Why is annual maintenance so important?

The purpose of maintaining your heating and air conditioning in Tulsa is simple; you ensure that your system will run through the season with no “surprises” and the system will operate at peak efficiency. For the average homeowner, things such as the HVAC system that are out of sight and out of mind are easy to neglect, if the system runs it never enters anyone’s mind that it needs to be maintained. Your heating and air conditioning system is no different than you car, if you never change the oil or have it tuned up, chances are it won’t last for more than a few years.

Benefits of annual maintenance:

Once your heating and air conditioning in Tulsa has been “tuned up” what can you expect? Is maintenance really worth the cost? A few of the most noticeable benefits are:

Reduced energy bills: A system that is neglected may still function, but when you review your energy bills you will quickly see that it is no longer running as efficiently, it is costing more to do the same job.

Fewer call-outs: When you have your HVAC contractor do an annual tune-up the chances of failure during the season are far less. A frayed “V” belt will eventually break and shut the blower down; if it is caught early there will be no problems.

Longer equipment life: Any piece of mechanical equipment performs better and lasts longer when it is cleaned and maintained regularly. It only takes one component to fail and like a row of dominos, the system will break down. Regular maintenance adds many years to the anticipated lifespan of your system.

Regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system will save you money, prevent untimely failures and improve overall system efficiency.