About Dentures Treatment in Lebanon TN

by | Aug 23, 2013 | Dentistry

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Don’t waste your hard earned money when you can get the quality smile you have always wanted by getting new dentures. The process of getting dentures can differ by dentist, but will generally follow these three basic steps. It is the most common solution for teeth replacement are dentures. Dentures are basically just false teeth, set into a mold that fits your gum line. They’re usually the cheaper of the solutions out there, implants being the most expensive.

This is why dentures are chosen more commonly than implants. These teeth are made of different materials depending on what your dentist will use, the most common being porcelain.

Dentures require their own care and maintenance. This usually includes a denture cleaning product, and occasional scrubbing with a tooth brush to make sure there’s nothing stuck in any of the teeth. When wearing dentures Lebanon TN, you will need to apply a denture adhesive to keep them in place while wearing them.

Full exam is one of the first things to be completed when getting dentures. The doctor will check your gums and determine if your mouth is health enough for dentures and if you will need any additional work prior to having your dentures created. They will also conduct x-rays to look for any problem areas, and they will ask you for information relating to your past personal health and any family health issues that should be considered.

dentures Lebanon TN can be fixed or partial. Fixed dentures are more expensive however they are more reliable. When all the teeth of the patient are missing, they are appropriate.

Partial dentures are best employed when a few natural teeth are still present. When you lose your teeth, you can have immediate complete dentures put in, the advantage of this is that you do not have to walk around without teeth during your healing period. There is also an disadvantage that bones and gums tend to shrink over time, especially during the healing period, therefore you will need to have your dentures readjusted and fit over time.

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