5 Signs of Impending Flat Roof Repair in Bellevue WA Oct28


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5 Signs of Impending Flat Roof Repair in Bellevue WA

Flat roofs have their own unique set of problems that don’t affect sloped roofs. These problems can lead to early roof replacement. Property owners can avoid untimely replacement by noticing the following signs of flat roof repair in Bellevue WA.

Pooling Water

Puddles that form on flat roofs are a sign of improper installation. Property owners who notice ponding water on their roofs should call flat roof experts to determine their repair options.

Missing Nails

Roofs with missing nails are at an increased risk of sustaining damage during high winds. Roofing nails keep roof materials like flashing in place. When nails go missing, this can cause leaky roofs and require roof repairs.


Metal fasteners and other metal parts of flat roofs can corrode. After years of exposure, corrosion is something that flat roof owners need to deal with promptly. Replacing rusted fasteners keeps the roof in good condition and prevents farther damage.

Moisture Pockets

Unlike sloped roof, water doesn’t roll off. If moisture gets under roof debris such as leaves or sticks, this can cause structure problems. Moisture pockets need to be dealt with right away to prevent roof collapse and leaks.

Damaged Surfaces

If an inspection reveals even minor damage to the roof’s surface, it’s time to call for roof repair. Fixing damaged sections right away extends the roof’s lifespan.

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