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3 Obvious Signs You Need to Call a Septic Pumping Company in Brazoria

Septic tanks, like all the other parts of a plumbing system, need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to work well. When the tank is having trouble doing its job, the best thing you can do is get prompt, professional service going right away. But how can you recognize these warning signs? Here are the three most common:

Constantly Clogged Toilets or Drains

Septic pumping companies in Brazoria are experienced in taking care of problematic drains and frequently clogged toilets. Both are telltale signs of a septic tank issue and should be taken care of right away. If they aren’t they can lead to more expensive issues down the line.

Soggy or Unusually Vibrant Spots of Grass

Faulty septic tanks can create issues like water leakage in the yard. The grass in the drain field shouldn’t be too far off from the rest of the yard, but green patches of healthy grass are a sign that a leak is happening below. When this happens, consider contacting septic pumping companies in Brazoria for professional assistance.

Older System in an Older Yard

Old septic systems that haven’t been checked out in years should be a priority when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Along with that, if there are trees planting right next to the line, you should have a professional check to ensure the roots aren’t interfering with the plumbing below. These are good things to check for if you’ve just moved into a house or are trying to sell one.

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