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3 Tips to Help You Stay Safe as You Wait For a Tow Truck in San Antonio

While it’s rare to experience car trouble as you’re traveling, you should always be prepared for that eventuality. That means keeping your vehicle stocked with emergency supplies, such as tools and a first aid kit. You should also keep the information for a towing company in San Antonio TX, stored in your phone. Once you make the call, keep your passengers safe as you await roadside assistance.

Get Out of the Way

The first thing to do is to move your vehicle out of the lanes of traffic. If you can’t operate the vehicle, you should try to coast or push it onto the shoulder. Some highways don’t have a shoulder. In that case, push the vehicle onto the grass or gravel beyond the road.

Make Your Vehicle Visible

You should do what you can to ensure your car or truck is visible to oncoming traffic. Turn on the vehicle’s hazard lights and headlights. If you have road flares, you should also set them up on the ground around the vehicle. Following these steps will also make it easier for a tow truck to find you.

Stay Out of the Road

The safest place for you and your passengers is inside your vehicle as you await help from a towing company. If you’re concerned about another vehicle striking your car or truck, you can wait outside. Be sure everyone exits the vehicle on the passenger side and stays on that side of the vehicle. This will provide a buffer zone if an accident does occur.