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Your Crawl Space Needs a Vapor Barrier

Many homes are built with crawl spaces underneath. These spaces offer some advantages, but they also may be vulnerable to insects or rodents, and are especially prone to problems with moisture and humidity. Rainwater from storms may pour into the crawl space, or moisture may evaporate from damp soil, leading to problems with wood rot or mold growth. Here are a few of the ways a crawl space vapor barrier in Concord, NC may help protect your home.

Humidity Regulation

Probably the main way a vapor barrier will benefit your home is through its ability to regulate humidity. An overly damp crawl space may damage your home’s structure or contribute to health problems through mold growth. A vapor barrier may help prevent those outcomes by improving crawl space drainage.

It is best not to attempt vapor barrier installation on your own. An improperly installed barrier may make things worse rather than better. Contact contractors such as Dry Otter Waterproofing for expert crawl space repair. A professional will know exactly the right approach for your home’s unique situation.

Pest Resistance

You want every part of your home, including the crawl space, to be as inhospitable to pests as possible. Installing a vapor barrier may help make your crawl space a less friendly environment for household pests such as rodents and insects.


Much of the time, you will need to worry about high moisture levels in your crawl space. At times, however, the soil beneath your home may become dry and dusty, and that dust may find its way into your home through cracks and vents. A vapor barrier serves to cover the dirt, potentially lowering the likelihood of dust filtering into your house.

Vapor Barriers and You

Have you decided that a crawl space vapor barrier in Concord, NC is the best choice for your home? If so, call a professional for evaluation and installation.

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