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Working Hazardous Conditions In Cold Weather

Working in the cold has its challenges. If you work a hazardous job that is susceptible to fire or flame, the frigid temperatures can affect your body as well as your work environment. Keeping warm should be achievable in these types of situations. To mitigate the hazard, protective apparel should be worn at all times. Below are some examples of clothing that can be worn during the colder months to ensure personal safety as well as the safety of the area around you.


If you work in a dangerous environment, working in the cold can increase the danger. Many safety garment companies provide protective jackets and coats to be worn over your clothing. Flame resistant jackets are a comment article of clothing that provides warm comfort and safety. Durable jackets are insulated with fire protection without the bulk. Heavy duty, yet stylish, there are many choices that offer full safety while on the job.


The full use of your hands is important working in hazardous conditions. Fire resistant gloves can protect you from the outside elements as well as high temperature heat. The gloves are offered in sleek designs that won’t impede on your work day. Offering full range of motion, they protect from exposed and open flame without melting or burning. These are a great way to protect your hand from the extreme elements of your work day.


Flame resistant headgear is another option in protective wear. There are flame resistant hard hat liners or fleece full face masks that can be worn to protect you while on the job. The clothing insulates and protects from injury. Fleece caps and beanies are also a great choice to trap your body heat and keep you warm. These offerings are all comfortable and versatile and provides you with maximum coverage.

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