How a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Joliet IL Can Help You

by | Jan 9, 2015 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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People go to work every day without giving a thought to whether or not they might get injured on the job. However, it does happen every single day on various job sites all over the country. Workers’ Compensation insurance is mandatory for Illinois businesses to have to cover their employees in case of on-the-job accidents. A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer in Joliet IL is a legal representative who can help you get the benefits to which you are entitled when you are involved in a work-related accident. It costs you nothing to consult with an attorney about your case, and you pay no upfront fees if he or she accepts you as a client.

Once you have an attorney on your side, you can feel confident that you will get a settlement commiserate with your injuries and/or damages. What can you do? It is crucial to your case that you are completely honest and forthcoming to your legal representative so he or she can properly fight for your rights and compensation. The information you provide could make or break your case. Knowledge of the law for personal injury and workers’ compensation is what your lawyer brings to the table. His or her experience with other similar cases provide you with their track record so you can relax in knowing you have competent representation on your side.

How does a worker’s compensation honest lawyer in Joliet IL get paid since you don’t pay a retainer? Personal injury, Workers’ Comp, car accident, slip-and-falls, and other like cases are taken on a contingency basis. That simply means their pay is contingent upon them getting a settlement for you. An agreed upon percentage of your final settlement will compensate your lawyer for all their hard work on your behalf.

Some cases dealing with Workers’ Comp can be settled out of court, while others are litigated and settled in court. Regardless of how you get a settlement for your case, an attorney is an asset to you. If you were to try to handle this kind of case without legal representation, you are more likely to wind up with less compensation, if any, than what you truly need according to your injuries. Whether you have been injured temporarily or permanently, a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer will help you get the compensation to help you through a trying time.

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