The Wonders Of St John Boat Tours In The Virgin Islands

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Travel

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St John, part of the United Sates Virgin Islands (USVI), offers visitors the opportunity to explore the virgin land and the waters around it. Since much of the island is a National Park, it has managed to escape much of the commercialism that has gained a foothold in other parts of the Virgin Islands and thrives in the Caribbean in general. This Virginal aspect is one reason why St John boat tours have become increasingly popular.

St. John Culture

The island has many reasons to be proud of its heritage. Petroglyphs left behind by the original settlers – the Arawak Natives are glimpsed at spots along the Reef Bay Trail in Virgin Islands National Park. At Cinnamon Bay, you can join in the local archeological digs to uncover more artifacts. These can help reveal more about the daily life of the Taino Natives as well as information about early Danish plantation life.

Local plantations, the best preserved is the Annaberg Sugar Plantation, provide a glimpse of colonial times. At Cruz Bay, you can discover more about the history of the island by visiting the Elaine Lone Sprauve Library and Museum. It resides in the restored plantation Great House of the Enighed Estate. Yet, the culture of the land is not what solely attracts any visitors to the island. The crystal clear, sparkling waters beckon.

St John Boat Tours, Snorkeling and Beaches

For the beaches of St. John, the word good and its variations simply does not cut it. The island has great beaches varying from those frequently visited and some only reached by boat. They are all open to the public, although the resort or the homes behind several of them sit on private property. Also forbidden is the collection of any sea shells for transport back home. If you try to take them home with you, the airport officials will confiscate them.

Beaches offer you the chance to indulge in different types of water sports. Many enjoy lying on the sands of glorious sand beaches on the, east, west and north sides of the island or revel on the more rugged south coast. Among the most pleasurable for snorkeling, swimming and diving are:

  • Brown Bay East Shore (ES)

  • Caneel Bay – North Shore (NS)

  • Cinnamon Bay – NS

  • Cruz Bay – Western Shore (WS)

  • Europa Bay – South Shore (SS)

  • Haulover Bay N & S – ES

  • Pelican Rock – ES

  • Reef Bay SS

  • Salt Pond Bay (SS)

  • Trunk Bay – NS

While snorkeling is possible off the coasts of many of the beaches, some such as Pelican Rock, Haulover (North), Salt Pond and Trunk Bay offer a better chance to see the marine life close-up.

Yet, if you really want to seize tight the pleasure of St. John – to marvel at the sights of wonderful reefs and the plentiful life beckoning just off the coast – you have the best single option available – St John boat tours.

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