Wisdom Teeth Problems Sometimes Require Oral Surgery in Allentown PA Oct31


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Wisdom Teeth Problems Sometimes Require Oral Surgery in Allentown PA

Because the wisdom teeth are the last to cut through the gum tissue, they can sometimes become stuck. Due to a lack of room and position, impacted wisdom teeth are a common problem that is remedied with Oral Surgery Allentown PA. Removing these teeth with surgery helps to ensure the patient remains comfortable and does not suffer any major negative side-effects.

What Can Patients Expect?

It is important individuals are able to know what to expect when they seek wisdom teeth Oral Surgery Allentown PA. Some people become nervous over this procedure simply because they have never been through it before. With help from the surgeon, the wisdom teeth can be safely removed so they will no longer cause problems.

Individuals need to be aware they will be under the effects of general or local anesthesia when their wisdom teeth are removed so they will not feel any discomfort. When all four wisdom teeth are being removed, the dentist will often use general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s age and health.

The sockets will first need to be opened so the surgeon has access to the wisdom teeth. They may be removed as a whole unit or in pieces, depending on the size and position of the teeth. The surgeon will work to remove the teeth safely so damage is not done to the surrounding teeth or jaw.

What Happens During Recovery?

For most people recovery is fairly straightforward and proceeds as expected. If stitches were put in place, these will dissolve over a period of a few days. If no stitches were put in place, it is imperative the individual does not spit, suck on a straw, or smoke as all these actions can lead to the dislodgement of the clot. A dry socket can cause serious pain and can be avoided by following the surgeon’s orders.

If you are interested in learning more about these services, Browse website. Nurture Dental Health is committed to helping you protect the health of your smile. Call today to schedule an appointment. They will be happy to provide you with a consultation to learn if you need your wisdom teeth removed.

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