Wine Cellar Doors- What to Know About Getting Doors Installed

by | Sep 25, 2012 | Home Decor

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When you have made the decision to have a professional wine cellar installed in your home or in your commercial property, you will want to make sure that every element of your new cellar has been created correctly. This means your wine cellar should not only look professional and be aesthetically pleasing, but all of the elements of your cellar should be designed specifically with wine storage in mind. This is true of everything from the decorations to the racks in your wine cellar and also includes the wine cellar doors that you decide to put on the outside of your cellar.

After you have had your wine cellar constructed you will need to pick out the right wine cellar doors. While it may seem as though the only thing you need to choose with your wine cellar doors is a style, there are actually things you should think about as you pick out your doors. First you will want to decide if you need single or double doors, and take a look at the opening to your wine cellar. Many wine cellars actually have arched openings and will need a curved door, so you will want to keep this is mind. You will also want to make sure it matches both your wine cellar and the rest of your home when it comes to style.

However, the most important thing to keep in mind with your wine cellar doors involves climate control. If your cellar has a cooling or humidifying system in place, as many wine cellars do, you will need to be careful when you choose the doors for your cellar. These types of cellars will require a special types of door that provides a thermal break between the wine cellar and the rest of your home. This will ensure that your cellar stays at the right consistent temperature and that the door doesn’t prevent the wine cellar from staying at its designated temperature.

The right thermal break door will be a solid core or insulated door. If this door has any glass in it, it should also be insulated or double paned. Once installed the door will need to have intensive weather stripping done around the entire doorway, including a threshold to seal the bottom of the door and to prevent any air from getting in or out. Your wine cellar doors should also be exterior grade doors that will fully seal. With all of these qualifications in mind, it is usually in your best interest to turn to a professional wine cellar company to make sure that the doors you invest in have all of these features. This is the best way to be sure that you aren’t compromising the condition of your wine cellar once your new doors are installed.

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