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A Wide Selection of Affordable Custom T-shirts in Overland Park

Many companies, schools, clubs and groups are interested in ordering shirts that have a picture or words on the shirt to represent them. They wear them with pride as the shirts are outward signs of belonging to a team or a way to capture a moment in time. The shirt will probably be worn for special events and occasions, so it must say and look exactly as the customer envisions. Business Name specializes in custom print screening, screen print transfers and printing techniques. Their services include printing up to 12 colors, jumbo printing, sleeve printing, side printing, custom tag printing, over the seem printing and much more.

Embroidery including patches and emblems are custom made at this design service company. With a fully staff design department, clients have access to the staff’s expertise in digitizing embroidery needs. Equipped with a wide selection of background colors and numerous threads, you can have any piece of clothing embroidered such as hats, shirts, jerseys, baby clothes and even sweatshirts. There are over 50 brands in stock. Nike, Adidas, Hanes and Reebok are among the popular and well known name brands of affordable custom t-shirts in Overland Park that this company can provide.You can choose from any of their national name brand products or bring in your own items you want to have embroidered. You can work with the graphics team and they can help develop your own ideas into a custom embroidered apparel.

To ensure that your design needs are met and that the final product meets your expectations, you can work directly with the staff at Business Name. From the start, you decide what product you want, which type of process will be used, how many colors will be in the design, where the design will be placed, how many of the product you will need and what date the project should be finished. You will be walked through the entire process step by step when you have one on one interaction with a professional staff member. The overall experience of designing and creating Affordable Custom T-shirts in Overland Park should be fun and easy, resulting in a product that you are proud to wear.