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Why Your Heat Pump Won’t Switch Between Heating and Cooling Mode

This is the time of year when you’ll be grateful that you have a heat pump to address your warm- and cool-weather comfort requirements. As temperatures fluctuate, you can just switch the pump between its heating and cooling modes with a quick thermostat adjustment. However, if your heat pump won’t go into cooling mode, it may be time to schedule AC repair in West Chicago. Here, we’ll list some reasons why your heat pump may get stuck.

Thermostat Troubles

One of the most obvious reasons for a heat pump to get stuck is that the connection between the reversing valve and the thermostat has been cut. The thermostat uses wire connections to operate various parts of the pump, and if it can’t work the reversing valve, the pump will stay in its current mode. Another possibility is that the pump is not accurately sensing the indoor temperature, which prevents the thermostat from switching it over to cooling mode. A repair tech will address the situation by recalibrating the thermostat.

A Malfunctioning Reversing Valve

The valve we mentioned above is one of the components that make a heat pump different from a conventional AC unit. It controls the direction of refrigerant flow from the compressor and depending on that direction, the unit will be in either cooling or heating mode. Because it’s a mechanical part, it can become stuck or wear out, keeping the heat pump from switching between modes. With AC repair in West Chicago, the valve can easily be changed.

To schedule repairs, routine maintenance, or a complete replacement, call us any time of the day or the night. We’re proud to provide service for all types of HVAC units, including heat pumps. Call Blue Frost Heating & Cooling or visit us at https://www.bluefrosthvac.com/ to request service.

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