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Why You Should Hire An Insured Air Conditioning Contractor

Your Air Conditioning system is the major appliance that regulates the temperature and humidity of your air. It also filtrates out dust, debris, and potentially harmful particulates. When your Air Conditioning system is not working correctly, it can affect the health of household occupants and adversely affect your personal environment. To restore functionality to your Air Conditioning system, it’s important to have it fixed by the right Air Conditioning contractor, like Horizon Services.

Choosing the right Air Conditioning contractor can mean the difference between a repair of your air conditioning system that goes smoothly and provides years of trouble-free comfort and one that winds up costing you thousand in wasted money and aggravation. Part of finding one is verifying a service provider’s insurance. Use the following guidelines for this task.

It’s important to only work with an insured Air Conditioning contractor. Some state laws make this mandatory. If an uninsured Air Conditioning contractor is hurt while working on your property, you could be held liable for his injuries. To prevent this situation from occurring, take some time to confirm the existence of an active insurance contract. When you interview a potential Air Conditioning contractor, politely ask him for the name of his insurance agent/broker. Call this representative at a later time to request a certificate of insurance.

A certificate of insurance is not an insurance contract, but contains information found in one. Once you receive this document, pay close attention to certain parts. The producer is the name of the insurance company sending you the document. The full business name of the insurance company should be in this spot. The certificate holder is the name of the person or business requesting the certificate. Your full name and address should be in this spot. Look at the policy effective date and the policy expiration date. Any work performed on your Air Conditioning system should be done on either of these days or any days in between these two dates. A certificate of insurance will also have the types of insurance the insured has, along with the limits of coverage. Carefully look at these to ensure they meet state guidelines.

Horizon Services carries the proper amount of coverage in liability insurance and is fully and properly insured for worker’s compensation in the states in which we service.