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Why would your chimney need repair?

Chimneys are built to last; they are extremely durable and can last for many years without any problems whatsoever. Although this is true, many older homes will eventually need some type of chimney repair. There are a few common problems, all of which call for a professional in chimney repair in Brooklyn and if the repairs are not made timely they can quickly lead to other serious problems. As the chimney is used to exhausts the acrid smoke and gasses from the home even a small problem that is left unattended can easily be the cause of serious health problems for the residents or a small problem can become a big problem that will cost significantly more to put right. The main problems that a homeowner can face with the chimney concerns liner replacement, mortar repair and replacement and perhaps a complete re-build from the ground up.

Most chimneys are built with a flue liner which is a structural component located inside the chimney. The flue liner goes from the fire box which is where the fire is all the way to the top of the chimney stack. The purpose of the flue liner is to isolate the home from any gas that otherwise can leak into the room. If a chimney does not have a liner, and many older chimneys do not, or the existing liner is cracked then there is a problem. Most chimneys that are constructed of brick and masonry have a clay tile flue liner, as creosote builds up on the surface of the flue liner over time it can catch fire; the extreme heat in the flue can cause the clay liner to crack. To ensure that gases do not have a way into the home’s interior the liner must be replaced.

To keep the chimney looking and functioning at its best all cracks in the mortar should be repaired. Many companies that offer chimney repair in Brooklyn also offer annual inspections at which time these repairs are made as a matter of course. Cracks in the mortar are actually quite common but fortunately they pose no difficulty for repair. The two areas of concern are the firebox which is subjected to high heat and the top of the chimney, the crown which is subjected to weather.

Some problems are so severe that repair is not possible and the chimney must be demolished and completely rebuilt, definitely a job for professionals who undertake chimney repair in Brooklyn.