Why storing valuables in a safe is important

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Safes

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What do you do with most of your valuables? Some people keep them in secure places or what they think are safe places or boxes. Then again some people put their valuables in drawers. However, those places may be safe while you are in the house, but let’s face it when you leave a robber is going to do whatever it takes to get to them. A draw is no problem for a thief they will just waltz in, go through your things and take what they want.

The best way to safeguard your valuables
Have you ever stayed in a hotel on a business trip or for leisure and wondered why they have safes installed there. Although you may choose not put anything into the safe when you are there and prefer to put in your luggage bags instead, if anyone really wanted they just get into your luggage bag if they were really persistent. Safes provide you with a lot more protection of your valuables as they either need to be cracked or blown up to get inside them and even then it’s not always possible.

A good strong safe in Westchester County is all that you need to keep your merchandise where it belongs… With you! Most people are not going to have safes the size of vaults (although you could if you really wanted one) a sensible safe for having at home is one big enough that will fit in all your expensive jewelry, watches, rings etc. and perhaps any sensitive documents that you may have that you don’t want other people to get hold of.

One could argue that a padlock is enough to do the job but a padlock can still be breached. Safe technology has come a long way since the first safe designs. Ever heard of Chubb? Chubb is a name synonymous with locks and safes in the safety world. For almost two hundred years Chubb have been making some of the world’s best safes. Safes across the world have or still use Chubb technology whether it’s a safe of Westchester County or Birmingham, England. A safe really is the best way to protect your belongings and although they might not be the prettiest things to look at, they keep your valuables out of the hands of thieves.

Where to place a safe
Well this is really down to you, safes are usually concealed away either in a cupboard, in a wall or just out open view where everyone can see it. Safes come in all sizes with a variety of access functions; it’s not just about adjusting a dial these days. For the gun enthusiasts out there you will be pleased to know that you can keep your guns secure and out of the hands of people that will misuse them. If you have ever seen a movie with a safe in it you may have noticed that the safe was behind a picture or in a “secret” compartment, it is totally down to you where to house your safe. Why waste money having to re-buy valuables when you can secure them away before they get stolen.


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